Urban Ascent Competition


Downtown Fargo


Fargo, North Dakota


2010 (Competition)

Urban Ascent, a new 16 story building at 215 Broadway in Downtown Fargo, North Dakota, aims at lifting Fargo’s downtown activity levels to new heights by combining the daily amenities of residential living with quality working environments and unique social activities.

A manmade hillside and generous plaza provide people of all ages during all seasons, with a place to hike up to a beautiful view, enjoy the natural environment, socialize, and be entertained. The park becomes a destination for the existing skyway system, which connects from the neighboring U.S. Bank building to the park as it slopes down around the main street-level plaza. Within the plaza, there are large undefined open spaces for outdoor concerts, ice-skating, and carnivals. Around the perimeter, covered outdoor areas for cafes, street vendors, holiday markets and farmer’s markets generate constant year round activity. The project is an example of dense mixed-use urban infill that is also a unique and valuable public amenity.

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