Temporary is Tough

Jason A. Silva

February 22, 2017

We all know how much work goes into constructing a building. A lot. What if you built that structure knowing it was going to be torn down after a short time? That is one of the hardest challenges with temporary installations like ArtStreet.

Since 2012, Ginger Thompson and I have fabricated and installed 13 temporary pavilions together with Dreyfuss + Blackford staff and volunteers. The artistic process of creating such a monumental piece and the energy it generates during fabrication are all consuming.

While we don’t count our hours, this one pushed us. We anticipated the venue to be available for the build for about two months. In the end, we had access for four weeks. Several really long nights and very early mornings were spent completing the installation of “Section” at ArtStreet.

Just like our other installations, this one is on display longer than most; but only for three weeks. Why do we do this? Because of how it moves others.

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