Five Questions with Jen

Shawn Barba

August 15, 2019

Jennifer Reid, CID
Project Designer

Jennifer’s hard work paid off at the new Sac State University Union addition.

Jennifer Reid is a seasoned project designer at Dreyfuss + Blackford Architecture with more than 15 years of experience under her belt. In her time at the firm, she has worked on a variety of projects ranging from civic and commercial office spaces, healthcare facilities, and higher education buildings; including the recently completed University Union Expansion at Sacramento State.

I recently sat down with Jennifer and asked her to divulge a little bit about herself -whether it be personally or professionally. With a little reservation, she candidly revealed there is much more to her quiet demeanor – like her fascination with motorcycle racing and her deep love for vintage fashion and architecture.

Jennifer in her element.

JR: I’m one of those people that sometimes feel like they were born in the wrong era. As long as I can remember I’ve really appreciated architectural design and fashion from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. As a kid I wanted to be a fashion designer, and still try to have fun with style with a slight vintage vibe. My daughter and I live in a mid-century modern house in the Arden Arcade area and I’m fixing it up bit by bit (with some help) – staying true to the mid-century roots but with my own modern spin.

My daughter is five and just about to start Kindergarten – she’s taking some time off this summer to have extra special time with family before her elementary career begins. Spending time with her and witnessing her little personality and emotional maturity grow has been my absolute joy. She constantly teaches me how to be silly, live in the moment, and laugh at life.

I’m kind of a book worm, though finding the time can be a challenge! Netflix and studying for the AREs compete for time to read fiction – don’t tell my book club (sorry ladies!).

Out on the town in Sacramento.

SB: Who has influenced you most when it comes to how you approach design?

JR: I’m influenced by mid-century designers, particularly Charles and Ray Eames – I’m inspired in particular by their partnership and the idea of collaborative design with other people in order to build upon that kernel of an idea that can become refined and better with layers of input from multiple people’s point of view and experience. I’m also inspired by my father, who is an architect. I’ve watched his very linear, organized, and methodical way of practicing design and probably fall very much into that same way of operating when I design.

SB: What are you currently watching on Netflix?

JR: It’s quite the range! I’ve just started watching season 4 of ‘Queer Eye’ and am brand new to the series ‘Ozark’

SB: What’s something you’ve done, but will never do again?

JR: Travel anywhere with my 5-year-old daughter without a snack. The “hangry” gene runs strong in our family.

SB: Who would you like to swap places with for a day?

JR: OK this is random but… right now I’m thinking Marc Marquez the MotoGP motorcycle racer. I’d like to know what it’s like to ride that fast. Obviously, the skill and gutsiness would need to be with me for the day! And I think a day would be just about enough… then I’d be happy with returning to the safety of real life.

Ms. Reid looking fierce at MERGE.

SB: What’s the best advice you were ever given? Who was it from?

JR: I’m a fan of Rachel Hollis, one of her pieces of advice that resonates with me is the general idea of accepting oneself before seeking the acceptance of others.

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